New Studs for felt and Vibram sole wading boots: Grip Studs


Grip Studs located in Merlin Oregon manufactures screw in studs for ATV’s, motorcycles, trucks, snowmobiles, boots and anything else that touches the ground. Grip studs have been used in high velocity applications for years and are an extremely proven traction device. Grip studs have recently been introduced to anglers trying to get extra traction and life out of their wading boots. Click this link for a review and how to discussion for applying Grip Studs to felt boots.


Grip studs in rubber boots

We have used these studs in our boots here at The Caddis Fly. They really work! They are easy to get in and out of rubber soles, new Vibram soles or felt soles.

Several key advantages to these studs over sheet metal type screw in studs. Grip Studs have solid tungsten-carbide tips that won’t easily wear down. They have insets or “key grips” on each side of the stud allowing for easy removal and installation. Grip Studs have a very wide thread base meaning once they are in they are secure and won’t wobble or lay down flat against the sole. This wide thread base and unique thread design make for solid but short penetration in the boot sole, preventing puncture all the way through a boots sole. We have yet to find a boot that these will not work in.

We know how hard is has been to get after market studs from certain manufactures. Grip studs are not just an alternative, they are a proven product.–CD

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3 Responses to New Studs for felt and Vibram sole wading boots: Grip Studs

  1. robert cox says:

    will simms allow these to be used in there rubber soled exstream boot foot?thanks

  2. Bruce J. Van Zile Sr. says:

    We need studs for walking up our 1/2 mile long driveway. Right now it is solid ice from top to bottom. My wife has a pair of rubber slip ons she puts on her boots that have studs in them . They say vibram on the bottom. What do you have for us ? Dou you make screw in ice studs ?
    Bruce & Lynne The crazy couple on the mountain. Jefferson, New York.

  3. Jim Wheeler says:

    What size should I use on my smooth felt bottomed, built-in, light weight chest waders? Is it the standard #1100 or the aggressive #3000? Thanks, Jim Wheeler Winlock, Washington

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