How to make sink tips for Skagit spey lines

Jay Nicholas demonstrates his methods for building sink tips for his Skagit spey lines using bulk T-14. Building the loop-to-loop connectors can be tricky, and Jay shows you his method for securing loops.

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  1. guy says:

    Great segment Jay …like the use of Softtex, seemed to set up quicker than Aquaseal
    Would you repair loops on Polyleaders w/same method?

  2. jay nicholas says:

    Guy. Yes and no. Repairs to the Intermediate and Floating Poly leaders are easy with braided loops. Repairs to the sinking leaders are a little dicey given their small diameter and the need to apply an appropriately small diameter braided loop.

    If you do not have same available, just double the end of the Poly Leader back on itself and apply two nail knots with a tiny drop of super glue to each knot to secure the loop, and trim the end close to the upper nail knot. This is not as pretty as the braid loop but works fine. Only issue is the tendency for the leader coating to cut down to the mono core after catching several hundred big salmon and steelhead — always a problem for me every day I am on the water.


  3. Lars says:

    You probably already know or have heard of the technique, but in Denamrak where I’m from most people use either splices on the core of the flyline or use heatshrinking tube to form loops on either end of the flyline, Shooting head etc. etc. It takes a little practice before you master the technique, but the end result is very neat and strong.
    Tight Lines

  4. Klint says:

    Have you ever compared the approach you demonstrated to the method where you use a stiffer nylon( ie I use 20lb saltwater mono that turns over big flies), nail knotted over a folded end of the T-14, and the nylon end is pulled through the loop created by the fold…where everything is upon finishing is cinched tight?
    Checking to see which you feel is more reliable…

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