Marc Petitjean Magic Tool demo for steelhead flies

Jay Nicholas shows you how to use the Marc Petitjean Magic Tool to create awesome steelhead flies. This tool helps Jay mix various materials, like Flashabou, Ostrich, Krystal Flash, Finnish Raccoon and Baitfish emulator — into a single dubbing loop. This saves time on complex flies, and can allow you to tie sparser bodies by not needing multiple dubbing loops.

You can also try the Petitjean Magic Tool DVD.

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5 Responses to Marc Petitjean Magic Tool demo for steelhead flies

  1. Matt Eifler says:

    You guys do sell the Petitjean tool? Couldn’t find it in the shop the other day.

  2. Karl Mueller says:

    The shop does sell it. They are located in the tying tools section where the scissors, bobbins, bobbin threaders, hackle pliers, etc. are located.

    I saw them in there about a week ago.

  3. carl reisig says:

    Nice piece of work, guys! Thanks.

  4. Bill Knight says:

    Thanx for saving me from a nervous breakdown as I couldn’t do what Ed Ward does with his fingers. Although I didn’t try it after scotch!

  5. Blane Ramsey says:

    Way cool. Looks like a neat tool.

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