“Spring Like” weather yields results inland and on the coast.

Around 1pm yesterday I watched March Browns emerge and wondered if the days fishing wouldn’t of been better spent chasing trout. Oregon’s coastal waters get their March Brown two to three weeks before the hatch gets heavy on the McKenzie and Willamette. Hundreds and hundreds of casts and “nary a sniff” from the elusive “ironhead”. Finally around 1:30pm a bright hen grabbed Lowly and it was game on. The river was low and the fish were jammed in fast deep cuts. Winter steelhead fishing has been tough but a few fish have been trickling in. Two more fish in the next hour made the call to go to the coast a good one.

Wild Buck Lake Creek

Meanwhile Ethan and Kyle were sampling the early season trouting. The McKenzie has been good with nymphs and moderate weather points to an excellent early spring trout year. Both the Middle Fork of the Willamette and the McKenzie are experiencing Blue Winged Olive, Skwala Stoneflies and sporadic March Brown emergence’s. Get out there.–CD

McKenzie Rainbow Feb 2010

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3 Responses to “Spring Like” weather yields results inland and on the coast.

  1. Chromedout33 says:

    whats the secret fly in the trouts mouth

  2. hatch says:

    I will be in Tillamook, in late March. It has been several years since I fished the Tillamook River. Can anyone tell me when the Spring Steelhead runs starts?

  3. Rob Lewis says:

    Chromedout that would be the Mega Prince! Absolutley deadly!!!

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