Fly tying materials demo: How to fold a hackle feather for collars

If you want to make great looking collars for steelhead flies, you need to fold your hackle. Tying the feathers in from the tip, and wrapping them forward, Jay shows you the best way to create great looking patterns.

Folding Hackles

Jay Nicholas
has been demonstrating his fly tying tips and fly tying materials selection for us down at the shop, so look for lots of new videos with Jay.

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4 Responses to Fly tying materials demo: How to fold a hackle feather for collars

  1. Rookie says:

    Great tip

  2. Rookie says:

    One other question. Would the concept you talk about here (small fibers in the back and the bigger fibers in the front of the hook) also apply for wraping marabou for pattern like the alaskabou?

  3. Jay Nicholas says:

    Yes. Personally, I tie in all my marabou by the tip and fold it just as shown in this video. Be aware, though, that some fly tyers assert that it is better to tie the marabou in by the tip – precisely because that will make the fibers stand out more acutely from the hook shank. The thought here is that the fly, when released from tension during the swing or retrieve, will present a larger profile.

    Maybe. Creating a fly is, for me, both about pleasing my technical and artistic brain, and also about producing a fly that makes fish want to eat it. The tip-first, folded Marabou feather achieves both of these for me.

    Try both methods, and decide what approach you prefer.


  4. Rookie says:

    Thanks Jay!

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