Changes in Trout Unlimited National Leadership: CEO Gauvin steps down

From Trout Unlimited Oregon State Council Chair Tom Wolf:

Charles Gauvin is stepping down as CEO of Trout Unlimited and Chris Wood will be replacing him. Also , Whit Fosberg will be the new president of Trout Unlimited while the new Chairman of the Board of Trustees will be John Christiansen.

Charles is leaving after almost 20 years as CEO of Trout Unlimited. He has done a great job of building the organization and making it a leader in cold water conservation. When he came on board in the early 90’s, TU was a very small organization , with a small budget, small staff and in debt. He built it into a large organization of 150,000 members, 120+ staff, a budget of over 20 million dollars and the largest cold water conservation group in the country, an effective voice for native trout and salmon. He deserves a thanks and praise.

Chris Wood, who will be taking over the CEO job, and many of you have met when he was out here 2 years ago for our state council meeting, is an outstanding choice to be Charle’s successor. He has been ,throughout his career , a passionate voice for protecting trout and salmon. His leadership since he has been with Trout Unlimited has really been amazing, leading TU in new areas we haven’t been involved in before such as roadless and wilderness. He will be a great CEO and continue to help TU grow in it’s role as an advocate for wild trout and salmon.

So we will be saying good bye to a person who has lead TU faithfully and with great ability for almost 20 years-a very long time in the non-profit arena. But we will also be getting a leader who will continue the great work done by his predecessor. I look forward to working with Chris as we continue the outstanding work that TU does.

-Tom Wolf

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  1. Scott Kinney says:

    Chris and Whit will be very capable in their new roles. Good to hear that they promoted from within; lots of quality folks at the national office (or at least there were a few years back when I was there, ha!).

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