Middle Fork of the Willamette fishing great


 The Middle Fork of the Willamette fished very well this Thursday. Best flies were Morrish October Caddis, Mega Prince and  Possie Buggers. It was an incredibly nice fall day, no wind, warm temperatures and lots of fish. Just a classic fall day in Oregon.




Warm air temperatures have really helped local fishing of late.  As long as the water levels hold up local trout fising will remain very good.–CD

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  1. David Jensen says:

    Need reports on blueback, coho, and chinook fishing. Going to Lake Creek Sunday. Doing 2 days on the Alsea probably Thurs. – Fri. Any fish? What flies? What leaders? What retrieves and lines for blueback and coho. Think I have the chinook covered.

  2. Grander Gander says:

    I have difficulty choosing an appropriate fly to use in different water flows. Thank you for specifying the patterned used. It would be helpful to indicate the size. The photographs are fab.

  3. I found some beautiful fish up above Black Canyon campground on some #16 Flashback Pheasant Tails in brown also. There were mayflies coming off all day in the shadows.

    Check the em out: http://fishkamp.com/?p=168

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