Eugene Town Run Summer Steelhead fishing stays hot

Summer steelhead townrun report from Greg Hatten.

The text message came at 1:59 p.m. on Sunday afternoon… “Give er another go this eve?” After a little “convincing”, we agreed on a short float down a familiar stretch (Rick and I had gone out the night before and all we got was a couple of bumps).

We launched at about 6 and rowed right through good water to get to some great water for summer steelhead. It is a “go-to” spot — particularly productive early in the day or at last light.

Rick was on the oars and we had two flies out in front of the boat. We worked the tail-out methodically, swinging both flies in slow graceful arcs right in front of these huge flat slabs of rock that more often than not hold a Steelhead in September.

On about the second pass through the tail-out a Steelhead came from beside the boulder in the center of the tail-out and hit Rick’s black and blue leech like he hadn’t had a meal in months. Rick’s 8 wt. almost left the boat, but he grabbed it just in time and dropped the anchor to fight the fish. I checked my watch – 6:15 p.m… awesome.

Greg and Rick's Townrun Steelhead

Greg and Rick's Townrun Steelhead

After a rum toast we took a few more passes and then pushed through the break. Fishing below the tail-out is usually even more productive in this stretch and we weren’t disappointed. Minutes after boating the first Steelhead of the night, Rick’s rod tip hit the water when another Steelhead hit the blue and black leach. No “hook-up” on that one but “close” very very close.

We reeled up and pushed through fishable water to get to a favorite place to end the day. I considered switching from purple to black and blue but didn’t, instead – I took the oars, figuring it must be the “hot seat”.

Anytime Rick offers to let me row, I take it – his boat is easy to row and his Sawyer oars are light as a feather. We made a pass through water that looked magical – light was fading fast and it put such a nice touch of “darkness” to the reflection on the water, we just knew we were going to hook up. We didn’t. It was 7:45 and we had time for only one more pass through this “fishy looking” stretch before total darkness.

On the second time through, my rod jumped from where it was laying peacefully by my side and I grabbed the reel as it went sailing by. It was a feisty Steelhead that hit my purple leach and using the current to it’s advantage, gave us a great fight and a wonderful show.

When we landed the second fish it was dark and we were late. We both scrambled for cell phones to let “significant others” know we were out of the water and had fish to clean… plural.

Greg and Rick's Townrun Steelhead

Greg and Rick's Townrun Steelhead

We had another toast of rum and cleaned our fish… man I love this time of year!! If Rick sends you a text – jump on it… but only if he let’s you row his boat – that was one “hot” seat last night.


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2 Responses to Eugene Town Run Summer Steelhead fishing stays hot

  1. gregH says:

    How do you know it was the “Eugene town run”… ? … could’ve been the town run of Grants Pass, Siletz, or Roseburg. Were you following us Matt?? For a cold beer I’ll confirm the river. For a single malt (or rum), I’ll take you there.

  2. Rob R says:

    Nice work, guys!

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