Upper McKenzie Walk and Wade

It’s August. It’s hot. It’s a great time to be fishing the upper McKenzie on foot! Caddis fly guide Barrett Christiansen took clients into some of the upper most portions of the McKenzie to score on late season natives. Fishing hopper dropper setups remained good through the hot, high sun periods. Look for shade in the canyon sections to maximize catch rates. Half down goldens, tungsten possie buggers,and mega princes seemed to be the ticket saturday. The day was highlighted by a beautiful 19 in rainbow on a dry fly at noon! If you are interested contact the Caddisfly to set up trips .–CD





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  1. Brian Jaasko says:

    Hello All,
    I have been wading the Armatage Park part of the Mckenzie primarily because it is close (I live west of Albany). To cut to the chase I have not been successful here and I am looking for tips on which nymph droppers to use, or a nearby alternative to Armatage that might be more productive. Appreciate any thoughts or input….

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