Fly tying videos are back: Oregon Coast Clouser

After a long hiatus, fly fishing videos are back on Oregon Fly Fishing Blog. Hashing out some camera details, paralyzed by technology choices… but enough about that. Let’s get back to the video.

In this new installment, Nate demonstrates how to tie a DNA clouser, a baitfish pattern he uses on the Oregon Coast for rockfish and lingcod. This variation of the Clouser Minnow uses synthetics — Ultra Select craft fur and DNA fibers — instead of the traditional bucktail. The DNA really helps this fly stand up to multiple fish and has the right properties for deep-water clouser fishing off jetties or over rock piles, giving a good minnow profile with a fast sink rate.

DNA Rockfish clousers

DNA Oregon Coast Clouser:

Hook: Gamakatsu Saltwater hook size 2-4
Thread: 6/0 white
Tail: Ultra-select Craft Fur
Flash: Glow-in-the-Dark Flashabou
Wing: DNA Holo Fusion

Rockfish fly fishing Oregon


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2 Responses to Fly tying videos are back: Oregon Coast Clouser

  1. Nice. Knew you’d dial it in

  2. David Swart says:

    another fly that like the coachman has had so many changes but stood the test of time catches any thing from saltwater to fresh water,use natural hair to synthetic materials the changes are endless,good job keep it up.

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