Fly Fishing Links: Nate’s on the rocks, showdown on the Hoh

Register Guard features fly fishing for rock fish
This week, the Register-Guard’s Mike Stalhberg wrote up an article about fly fishing for bottom fish off the Oregon Coast. The shop’s own Nate Stansberry was quoted saying “We out-fish conventional tackle like three to one,” which guarantees he’ll get skunked his next three trips out.

Speaking of rockfish and ling cod on the fly… Here’s a video of some guys doing it in Neah Bay Washington, set to Hall and Oates:

Protect North Carolina Redfish, enter to win a Redington Titanium CDL Reel
Our Pal Pete at Fishing Jones (who still owes us some bendback bass flies), is getting folks to sign a petition to stop unattended gill net practices. Go on over and sign the petition so they can get 1,000 signatures. Because you never know when we might need the larger fly fishing community to help us out. And who doesn’t want a new reel?

Fly rodder catches and kills 44-inch, 31-lb steelhead on the Hoh…
…and dozens of dudes who weren’t there talk smack about how he handled it. You can check out the strings on iFish and Piscatorial Pursuits. The most sensible response to this whole thing: All of us are sportsmen and we seek these fish for sport, nothing else. None of us need the meat, some release fish some don’t. If there is anything we all have in common it is that we all kill fish, and we all do it for purely selfish reasons. Everyone of us, including myself have negatively impacted every single river we have ever pulled a fish from and to a level far exceeding what you attribute to this one man.

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2 Responses to Fly Fishing Links: Nate’s on the rocks, showdown on the Hoh

  1. Ronnie says:

    OK,…three questions:

    #1.) What took a swipe at the fish at the :44 sec mark? Seal? Shark?

    #2.) Were those actual delicious Gummy Worms?

    #3.)What is with the Hall & Oats back ground music?…makes me want to go out and get a Phil Collins Tatoo. What Gives?

    Great Vid (but see #3).

  2. Matt Stansberry says:

    1. I think it was a monster ling cod.
    2. Maybe? I hope they work, because they’re cheaper than buying those gummy minnows.
    3. No accounting for taste. Remember, these guys are from Washington.

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