Blue Winged Olives (BWO’S):Small & Mighty

During the dreary winter weather months and early spring these bugs, small and mighty, begin a hatch cycle that can last until November. They hatch out undaunted by inclement weather and continue to emerge from late morning to early evening.  Recently, we have seen a few BWO’s on the surface.  Look for BWO’s to come on strong as our weather pattern heads into somewhat normal winter/spring conditions. Wet, cool and wild!

BWO’s often struggle to the surface and not quite escape from thier nymph shucks. They will float down river for an easy meal for trout. A good pattern imitation for this stage is the Soft Emerger BWO .  Those BWO’s that hatch out successfully give fly anglers the opportunity on a nice BWO dry fly. Fly anglers should be prepared with patterns for all stages of these small bugs. Typical sizes for BWO’s run from 16-24.   Look for patterns such as the Blue Winged Olive Thorax and the Blue Winged Olive Extended body, to be proven winners for these bugs. The shop has more new BWO patterns and we will be posting them shortly on our web,

Within the next few weeks look for a post on another bug….March Browns…yes, they will be hatching out before we think!


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