Video: Top new fly tying materials from Hareline Dubbin

Marcos Vergara of Hareline Dubbin stopped by the Caddis Fly Shop to demonstrate how to use some new fly tying materials and tools. Check out the latest trends in fly tying with these three videos.

In this first video, Marcos demonstrates Senyo’s Laser Dub. This wool substitute material was developed by Hareline, Greg Senyo and Orvis. It’s a dull finish acrylic with the properties of wool with some ice-dub mixed in. Senyo’s Laser Dub combs out great for heads and collars on steelhead or salmon flies, or wooly heads for sculpin patterns.

Marcos also demonstrates how to use the new Marryat CDC Winding tool and how you can use extra-long premium CDC feathers to tie better flies.

In Part 2 of our Hareline material demo, Marcos introduces one of my favorite new fly tying materials of the year: Baitfish Emulator. This material has half opaque fibers that hold bright colors, and half pearlescent fibers that give it sheen. All you need is about 2-3 inches of Baitfish Emulator per fly. It’s super-fast and easy to tie and it holds up better to toothy fish then standard bucktail. This segment also demonstrates Hareline’s pseudo marabou and pseudo hackle for tying a two-material wooly bugger.

Hareline baitfish emulator

In this third segment, Marcos talks about some of the new materials Hareline is carrying, including Lady Amherst Center Tails, some great new fox tails for Foxy Clousers, and new Pseudo Hair.

You can buy any item from the Hareline materials catalog at Check out our factory tour at Hareline Dubbin.

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