Fishing Links: Election mania, salmon-fest

Some election day offerings and more…

Monster Chinook in Sacramento River
A fish estimated at 85lb was found dead by a survey crew on the Sacramento River, according to a recent iFish report. Siskiyou Daily News covered the story.

Chinzilla! Giant salmon

Moldy Chum endorses Jeff Merkley
Moldy Chum posted a YouTube video, linking up Gordon Smith to the Klamath River salmon kill of 2002. His opponent, Jeff Merkley is one of the only politicians in the Pacific Northwest willing to at least consider breaching the Lower Snake River dams.

Speaking of the Lower Snake River Dams…
Retired ODFW fisheries director Jim Martin came out swinging against an Oregonian editorial soundbite touting a new study comparing British Columbia’s undammed Fraser River to the Columbia system. The Oregonian jumped on a press release (that was rejected by the study’s authors and eventually pulled) that implied “Dams make no dam difference” to salmon survival. And Martin is calling them out. 140 miles of slow, steadily warming reservoirs interspersed with four large bank-to-bank dams, whose presence leads most migrating salmon to be sluiced into crowded, mixed-species barges and trucks for their downstream journey, sounds like managing to extinction to me.

Online Fly Fishing mags rule
There is a brand new issue of Catch magazine online. You owe it to yourself to check this out. Amazing fly fishing photography. Also, be sure to check out Fly Fishing Life magazine.

Drift comes to Oregon, but not Eugene
Oregon Trout is hosting showings of the new fly fishing film Drift (from Confluence Films) in Portland and Bend next week. They’re not coming to Eugene (*Thanks jerks… just kidding. Ok, we’re not kidding).

How long should Gore-Tex waders last?
Now here’s a touchy question. The guys at FlyTalk asked readers how long Gore-Tex waders should last. Deeter can squeak two years out of his, and I’d say that corresponds with my timeline. But if you treat your gear like crap and fish 100 days a year, what do you expect? Are you taking the extra five minutes after a 12 hour fishing day to air your waders out and hang them up, or does your gear smell like foot-rot mildew and stay wet for months at a time?

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