Barrett’s Toad Tarpon Shrimp: Fly tying video

Barrett shows you how to tie his favorite tarpon pattern in this fly tying video. The Craft Fur Shrimp is a great fly for pressured tarpon in the Northern Florida Keys. The little 1/0 hook penetrates better than some of the bigger hooks of the same style. Creating barring with the sharpie will give you illusion of movement — a good trigger for strikes.

Barrett's Toad Tarpon Fly

Craft Fur Shrimp Pattern materials available at
Thread: 6/0 Orange Uni
Hook: Gamakatsu 1/0 SC17
Tail: Craft fur, striped with marker
Collar: Gold variant, cross-cut rabbit strip
Body: Tapered, trimmed Body Fur
Eyes: Plastic mono dumbells, black

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