Worth Reading: McKenzie River clean; Bacon on the Dean

Lots of interesting fly fishing news and links to share folks: 

McKenzie River surprisingly chemical free: According to an article in the Register-Guard last week, it’s hard to find toxins in the McKenzie River. USGS hydrologists estimate levels of creosote and DDT to be extremely low, on the order of parts per quadrillion.

McKenzie River Fly Fishing

Bacon To Fry Dean King Trilogy: The Interweb’s favorite Rainier-swilling fly fishing blogger over at Buster Wants to Fish recently filed a three part series on Chinook fishing on British Columbia’s Dean River. Badass: Alfi hadn’t so much as touched the net when 35+ poundeage of mint-bright, absolutely perfect king came clear out of the water 15 feet in front of our hairy eyeballs, which made them even bigger. Now, marinate on that shit for a second; 30-some odd minutes balls deep into it, 30-some odd pounds of king jumped three feet. Then it did it again, backflipping like an Alaskan silver. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

ODFW re-establishing salmon in Upper Klamath Lake and tribs: According to a recent Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife press release: Salmon disappeared from the Upper Klamath Basin in Oregon almost 100 years ago when Copco Dam in California blocked fish passage upriver. The opportunity to re-establish anadromous runs in the Upper Klamath River Basin arose during the re-licensing process for the four main-stem hydro-electric dams operated by Pacificorp.

Recycled Waders: The guys at FlyTalk put us onto Recycled Waders, a group of people in Seattle that take your stinky old breathable waders and turn them into some cool gear. For $110 and your stinky Simms, they’ll send you a couple cool tote bags and a wallet.

SwittersB advocates duck patterns on Davis Lake: Oregon fly fishing blogger SwittersB says it’s time to come up with baby duck patterns for fishing largemouth bass in Davis Lake.

Top Ten Fly Fishing Products: Lastly, KBarton at Singlebarbed posted his top ten products that changed the face of fly fishing. Personal favorite is #8 Waders – Lumping a lot of technology into this single category, but this stimulates the “fly fisherman as predator” versus the tweed, monocle, and jodhpurs of vacationing nobility. Jodhpurs?

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