Recommended reading: Dry fly pancakes and David James Duncan

There is a lot of info out there on the interweb and we just don’t have time to blog about every single item, so here is a roundup of recommended links for those of you who are trapped at work, thinking about fish:

If you haven’t checked out Drawing Flies 365 yet, you should. Jeff (aka Trout Bum) has some amazing artwork posted, including some flies made out of pancake batter. A real standout is his yellow sally.

Moldy Chum posted an excerpt of a David James Duncan interview. Apparently they’re making a movie out of The River Why. Amber Heard (who?) is rumored to play Eddy and all I can say is holy sh*t.

In environmental news, the city of Honolulu is working out plans to ship its garbage to Oregon. According to the Portland Tribune, Hawaii is plotting to barge its solid waste up the Columbia River to a landfill in Eastern Oregon. Hawaii only recycles 25% of its solid waste, while Oregon recycles 50%.

The Register-Guard ran a great guest editorial today about the WOPR by Josh Laughlin and Jay Lininger of Cascadia Wildlands. Bottom line: The BLM’s Western Oregon Plan Revision would doom our coastal salmon populations. From the article: “BLM scientists found the WOPR would foul water quality, harm salmon and increase catastrophic fires, and that it relied on faulty assumptions about tree growth. Our few remaining healthy rivers and old forests drive Western Oregon’s economy. People come from all over the world to visit cathedral rain forests and cascading waterfalls. Old forests filter our drinking water, produce oxygen we breathe and mitigate climate change by storing an incomparable volume of carbon. Unlogged forests shelter salmon and other wildlife on the brink of extinction. They define Western Oregon.”

Lastly, there’s a new blog dedicated to “Digging our Heels in Against the Pebble Mine Project” called Puckfebble. Our pal Fishing Jones exposed some of the latest Pebble Propaganda. Be on the lookout for plundering bastards trying to ruin the last great salmon fishery in North America. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch the video below -MS.

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