Fly tying video: Easy elk hair caddis

This is a quick and easy elk hair caddis pattern. You can tie it in yellow, green, tan and other colors, but yellow is a good color to have in your box in the early spring. I tie in as much wing as I can for fishing heavy water, but you can vary the amount of elk hair based on the conditions you are fishing. This is a great fly on most western waters.

Elk hair caddis materials available at
Hook: Tiemco 100 size 12-18
Thread: 8/0 Uni Thread yellow
Dubbing: Yellow fine and dry
Rib: Yellow thread
Wing: Bleached Elk Hair
Hackle: Ginger dry fly hackle

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  1. Barry says:

    Excellent for a beggining tier like myself. I’ll be hitting the Dechutes this summer with these flies.

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