Video: How to tie a March Brown Soft Hackle

Well, it’s the first day of March — time to get ready for the March Brown Hatch. Chad from The Caddis Fly Shop in Eugene, Oregon demonstrates how to tie a March Brown soft hackle. He also explains how to fish this wet fly and discusses the finer points of tying this fly pattern.

(Fly pictured below in yellow)

Patridge Yellow Soft Hackle

March Brown Soft Hackle
Thread: Brown Uni 6/0
Hook: TMC 3761 # 12-16
Rib: Silver or Copper Wire
Body: Brown Tying Thread
Thorax: Peacock
Hackle: Brown or Grey Partridge

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2 Responses to Video: How to tie a March Brown Soft Hackle

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  2. CJW says:

    I liked the way you explained the hackle pushing back on the thorax creating a bubble as it’s emerging. It’s very important to know that . Thanks for sharing

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