Midwest meltdown! Nate Stansberry July 2020


Peak heat is upon us… For me that means poppers (and EARLY mornings)!

COVID19 has turned my fly-tying compulsion into overdrive…. I’ve been tinkering with some new patterns and developed a “magnum articulated crease fly” and this dog hunts!

IMG_1342 (1)

Here is the recipe:
Business end:
Hook: Ahex Predator Hook
Tail: 6 Saddle Hackles followed up with 3-4 wraps of 3’’ fox brush
Hot spot (transition from tail to head to help flare marabou): 4 wraps of Krystal Hackle
Collar: 2-3 wraps select marabou with 1-2 wraps of Ice Dub Shimmer Fringe
Foam: Chocklett’s Loco Foam

Crease fly foam cutters would help and I use Copic markers with adhesive eyes to finish the job. I’m using a 6/0 hook and the longest shanks possible, but I’m swinging for the fences (I didn’t get up at 4AM for a 2 pounder).

Fish it fast on a floating line near deep weed edges and see who comes to play! I think this could also be a great saltwater pattern for offshore or nearshore…


Stay cool and enjoy the dog days of summer while they last!

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