East Lake Fly Fishing July 2020

July is the time to get to East Lake located in the Newberry National Volcanic Monument southeast of Bend.

Known for big browns, aggressive rainbow trout, and the daily callibaetis hatch, East Lake should be a destination all fly anglers should experience once in their life.



The dry fly action is the draw here. Cruising fish in a few inches of water along the bank will blow any anglers mind. Parachute Adams, Hackle Stackers, Morrish’s May Day Callibaetis, and Extended Body Callibaetis all got grabs. Also lookout for caddisflies in the afternoon.


Callibaetis Mayfly

Pulling streamers with an intermediate or sink tip fly-line also produced some trout! Black Wooly Buggers, Blood Spot Buggers in black and olive, and jigged leeches.



When top action slowed down, nymphing under a strike-indicator produced. Black Zebra Midges, red chironomids, and flash-back pheasant tails all worked.


Fish Need Water

Just a reminder that it is hot, windy, and dry out there. Be careful with fire, because we did see a fire burning near La Pine. Be sure to take care of one another while social distancing so we can all continue to fish. Practice Leave No Trace (simple rule-leave an area better than you found it), and be good to one another.

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