Deschutes Report: July 2020


Hearing rumors the famous July caddis hatch had returned I assembled a few of the Technical Men’s Conference members and headed out to find where the truth lies. The river level was 3670cfs which meant nymphing would be ideal, the early morning or late evenings could allow a nice platform for a caddis hatch, and Whitehorse rapid would expose every rock to avoid. We were not disappointed.


With the Covid 19 restrictions in operation, masks, separate tents, and a host of various disinfectants, wipes, sprays were well utilized. Social distancing was not a problem around camp and easily maintained while fishing.


Nymphing during mid day hours was very good. Euro nymphing gave consistent results. A pleasant surprise was the catch rate on the 20 Incher nymph. This fly has proven to be quite productive on the Mckenzie, Metolius and Deschutes.


The old standbys for Deschutes caddis were proven winners once again: green rock worm, deep sparkle pupa, and X Caddis (tan)


The Deschutes caddis hatch indeed was there, was it as strong as past years….not sure? We had very strong winds on Tuesday afternoon and night which placed the bugs somewhere near Klamath Falls. The wind pushed the fish down the next day (my excuse for catching fewer fish) but fishing picked up the last few days.

The Deschutes, for certain, is undergoing change with regards to water quality and insect life. Years past, trips in July for Caddis were as regular as the stone fly hatch trips. Since the controversial installation of “the tower” in Pelton many things have changed. It is important all Deschutes anglers become aware of issues facing the Deschutes. The folks a the Deschutes Alliance are “fighting the good fight” to bring the Deschutes back to a better place. Get informed and get out there….it’s a great river!

Lou V.

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2 Responses to Deschutes Report: July 2020

  1. Joe Corbitt says:

    Hi- I read your July 2020 Deschutes report. Would u mind telling me where you camped & how you got there? It looks like you were on the East side of the river? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Looking for a camping spot around there. Is that BLM?


  2. John H. says:

    Hey Lou, pretty redsides. Kudos for photographing them wet, setting a great example.

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