Green McKenzie Caddis Wet — Fly tying video

In this video, Chris ties the Green McKenzie Caddis wet fly, a good pupa pattern to fish this spring. This is a great fly to fish in the surface film or swung near the surface. This is a pretty simple pattern, tied sparse. If you’re looking for a great article on the Green McKenzie Caddis lifecycle, check out this post on Westfly (Thanks to our photo pal Burt Banner for pointing it out).

A lot of times after these caddis hatch, they go back and dive and skirt along the water — the big black head helps the fly stay down a bit, while the deer hair wing brings it back to the surface.

Green McKenzie Caddis Wet

Green McKenzie Caddis Wet Fly:
Thread: 6/0 Black
Hook: Tiemco 3769 size 8; Tiemco 3761 size 10
Body: New Age Chenille, Wintergreen
Collar: Patridge
Wing: Deer hair

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One Response to Green McKenzie Caddis Wet — Fly tying video

  1. Ron says:

    I tie a similar fly using peacock in sz. 14 and 16, with brown partridge and fish it on the Missouri. Fish it on the swing so it rises up through the pods. Strikes are generally savage. Nice tie friend. Keep up the good work.

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