Fly tying video: March Brown Parachute

This fly tying video demonstrates how to tie a high-visibility March Brown parachute fly — that fluorescent wing post is good for rainy days. A parachute pattern sits lower in the water than other dry flies and it makes an excellent wing silhouette. March browns have been coming off on the lower McKenzie River and the hatches will continue for the next month.

March Brown Parachute

March Brown Parachute

March Brown Parachute pattern:
Thread: Brown Uni 6/0
Hook: TMC 100 size 12-16 or Gamakatsu S10
Tail: Moose hair
Dubbing: Light tan fine and dry
Hackle: Whiting, grizzly dyed brown

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1 Response to Fly tying video: March Brown Parachute

  1. jim barfield says:

    thanks for the march brown video
    I am an advanced amatuer tyer, have been flailing away on the Rogue for a few years…
    Yesterday, 1/22/10 at 1pm, there was a hatch of what I assume were browns..water temp about 48, air temp about the same…Is this what I am seeing, in January?

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