Saltwater Clouser Fly Tying Video for Pacific Albacore with Steve Farrar’s Blend

I don’t recall reading much about fishing Clousers for Pacific Albacore. Why not? Personal experience taught me that our Albacore do indeed take these flies and I recommend that anyone who ventures out to the deep blue carry at least a few Clousers to toss at the beasties. Our offshore Oregon tuna will take Clousers when trolled, on the drop, and on a fast-strip retrieve. On occasion, they will also not take Clousers, just like they will ignore plenty of other flies. So as usual, fish your flies with a seasoned, reasoned confidence that acknowledges the possibility our finest offerings could be spurned. Or not.

Jay Nicholas

Albacore Clouser Minnow


Overall Length = 3.5”
Thread: Danvile’s 210 D White
Hook: #3/0 Gamakatsu SC 15
Belly: Steve Farrar’s Blend – UV White
Top: Steve Farrar’s Blend – Bleeding Purple/Herring Back
Lateral Line: Lateral Flash
Eyes: Hareline Painted Lead Eyes – Large Nickel Plated Lead
Cure Goo: Hydro

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