Tying a Great Lakes Blue/Gold Intruder Steelhead, Salmon Fly on Senyo’s Articulated Shank

How great can it get? Jay Nicholas woke up today and found the freedom to slap down the coolest, most fish appealing colors, textures, and proportions of materials on an one of the new Greg Senyo Articulated Intruder shanks.

Life is good. No, this fly does not sport a sales-enticing name, but it has great color shades and will flow, wiggle, and flash in the water as it swims. What more could a salmon or steelhead ask for.

Many of our videos are produced with a couple of goals in mind. One is to demonstrate basic fly tying techniques. Another is to show off basic proportions and fly construction thinking or philosophies. Finally, we want to share new materials for our viewers consideration as well as show how a variety of new and old materials can be combined to create great looking, great fishing flies.

Only a few of our videos are produced with the sole purples of showing a hard-and-fast pattern formula. You will recognize those when you see them.

In the meantime, we are here mostly to practice our craft, share techniques and ideas, and have fun.

May your fly tying be as much fun as ours is. Usually. Yes, we have our less-then-fun fly tying days too. Insert big sigh here. Today, though, is a great day.

Fly 21

Key materials of this Great Lakes Blue/Gold Intruder Fly are noted as follows:

Thread – Veevus 6/0 or 8/0 black
Hook – Gamakatsu Octopus #2
Alternative Hook – Daiichi Intruder Hook, black #2
Senyo’s Articulated Shank by Fish Skull, 40mm
Senyo’s Intruder Trailer Wire
Butt – Pro SportFisher American Possum, spun in dubbing loop, Red

Body – Hareline cactus chenille, minnow blue
First collar (under wing) – EP Foxy Brush 3” kingfisher blue
Wing – Pro SportFisher Marble Fox Tail, Sunrise Yellow/Gold
Jungle Cock – Hareline real Fake Jungle cock, sample pack HBS
Alternative Jungle Cock – Hareline real Fake Jungle cock FJ3 Flame/Pink
Top Flash material – PolarFlash #2015 Black Rainbow
Side Flash accent – Holographic Flashabou, #6943 Firetiger
Rear Collar – Hareline Extra Select Marabou, Fl. Blue
Front Collar – Senyo’s Laser Yarn, #131 Fl Fucsia

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2 Responses to Tying a Great Lakes Blue/Gold Intruder Steelhead, Salmon Fly on Senyo’s Articulated Shank

  1. two dogs says:

    Very nice, Jay. Thanks for all the work! Appreciate finding out about the application of the new things appearing on the Caddis site. Tight lines.

  2. doublebluff says:

    Livin’ the dream, fella. beautiful stuff. Really pretty flies.

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