Winter Steelheading—Pick one River and Learn it

winter steelhead fly fishing oregon

–A simple yet effective piece of advice

Rick and I have a combined 55 years of fly fishing experience between us (most of this being Rick’s because he’s old). Three seasons ago when we both decided to start targeting winter steelhead, we had no idea how little our over half century of experience would mean. Sure, we’ve caught summer steelhead but again, this experience seemed to not really apply to winter steelhead. For two winters, we dabbled here and we dabbled there with absolutely no results.

winter steelhead rivers oregon

Winter 2012 happened upon us. I turned to Rick and said, “We just need to pick one river and learn the heck out of it.” It was a perfect idea. The absolute antithesis to our River Crawl fly fishing stunt. We learned the holes, the tides and the flows. One scouting trip and 3 fishing adventures later we ended up with the following results: 8 for10 steelhead ranging in size from 19” to 34”. Enjoy. We certainly did and will look forward to learning another river this year.

Sam Parker
Rick Bocko

winter chrome

rick with fish on

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