Magnum Bunny Clouser: Fly Tying Tutorial

Alex Worth ties up a magnum bunny clouser. Alex tied this up in anticipation of some high, murky chinook salmon water. When we got to the water, we were instead met with gin-clear water that had dropped nearly two feet within two nights. Nonetheless, this magnum bunny clouser is heavy and perfect for a fish with a big appetite.

Material List:
Hook: Ahrex SA210 Clouser Hook
Thread: UTC Thread, 140D Chartreuse
Body: Magnum Rabbit Strip, Black
Body: Magnum Rabbit Strip, Chartreuse
Flash: Krystal Flash, Chartreuse
Legs: Hot Tipped Crazy Legs, Black & Yellow, Chartreuse tipped

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1 Response to Magnum Bunny Clouser: Fly Tying Tutorial

  1. Sam says:

    Very nice pattern. Sinks like a rock and has lots of action. Thanks…

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