October Caddis Pupa Nymph Fly Pattern Fly Tying Video – Alex Worth 2020

In this video, Alex Worth ties an effective and beautiful caddis nymph using new Daiichi 1920 colored nymph hooks.

Incorporating simple materials into dubbing loops giving the fly “life-like” movement and durability, Alex explains the reasoning for his techniques and the entomology of these beautiful fall bugs.


October Caddis Pupa Nymph
Hook: Daiichi 1920 Czech Hooks Size 8
Bead: Slotted Tungsten Bead 5/32 Black
Thread: Uni 8/0 Wine
1st Dubbing Loop: Ice Dub Shrimp Pink
STS Trilobal Dub Golden Stone
Senyo’s Fusion Dub Flame
Wing: Ice Dub UV Pearl
Select CDC Dark Grey
Partridge Feather
Collar Dubbing Loop: Hare’s Mask Dark Brown
Ice Dub Peacock Black
Zap A Gap

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