Jay’s Bull Trout Olive Sculpin Fly Tying Sculpin

In this video, Jay ties a Bull Trout Olive Sculpin. You can swing this fly, or fish it under an indicator.


Jay’s Bull Trout Olive Sculpin

Hook: Umpqua #4 S506H Jig
Thread: Danville’s 140D Olive
Eyes: Double Pupil Lead Eyes
Cement: Loc-Tite Brush On
Tail: Rabbit Strip Olive
Body: 3” Craft Fur Sand/Olive
Flash: Krystal Flash Peacock
Wing: Angel Hair Copper
Brush: Sommerlatte’s UV Foxy Brush Rootbeer/Orange

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One Response to Jay’s Bull Trout Olive Sculpin Fly Tying Sculpin

  1. Two Dogs says:

    Hey, Jay. Great one. So, if I wanted to use it for say SRC, how small of a hook would work with this pattern? Thx

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