Albacore Offshore Pacific City, September 15th 2018

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Jay Nicholas Oregon Albacore Fly Fishing 2018 aJay Nicholas Oregon Albacore Fly Fishing 2018 b

Jay Nicholas Oregon Albacore Fly Fishing 2018 d

This will be a very brief report.

The essentials:
Date: 9/15/18
Dory: Fly Meister Breaker Dory
Capt: Kevin FergusonAngler Guest: Jay NIcholas
Distance offshore: ~30 + miles
Sea Surface Temp: ~ 62-63 Farenheit
Weather: Sloppy rough, South wind, lots of rocking and rolling
Albacore boated; enough to make for a very enjoyable day
Albacore size: these were the smallest tuna we’ve ever encountered, still very much fun, especially on #10 rods
Rods fished: Echo Bad Ass Glass #10 and #12
Reels Fished: Hatch Finatic #9 & #11 (gen ? – old as dirt)
Lines fished: Airflo and Hatch Big Game Depthfinder (400 and 500 gr)
Leader: Rio Fluoroflex #25; Hatch Professional Fluorocarbon #25
Flies fished: Hollow Deceiver (9-10 inch); Mexican (5 – inch red, yellow, and green tube)
Fishing note #1: we only saw two tuna bust the surface, and these were 50 ft ahead and 30 ft off the port bow (we hooked up a quad seconds later)
Fishing note #2: we hooked all tuna on the troll, flies produced 2/3 of fish hooked
Fishing note #3: only one hookup was a single; the rest were from double, triple, quad, and one quint
Fishing note #4: we had as many tuna lost as we boated, many tangled lines, and a lot of fun
Fishing note #5: we had one incident of (redacted)

I am grateful to have been the guest of my friend Kevin, who singlehandedly executed the trip preparation and clieanup.

Thank you Kevin, the day was a great joy I’ll not forget.

Jay Nicolas, September 18 2018

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  1. Doublebluff says:

    Great post. I have had trouble finding a tuna fly fishing guide. I want to take one of these trips. Does a list of guides exist anywhere?

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