McKenzie River Paddle & Pull

Join McKenzie River Trust in caring for a special property between Hendricks Bridge and Hayden Bridge on the McKenzie River!

Saturday, June 23rd, volunteer to help care for McKenzie Oxbow, a 20-acre conservation area just downstream of Hendrick’s Bridge Boat Landing.

Setting off from Hendricks Bridge at 9am, volunteers and staff will paddle to the conserved property to remove invasive species and trash. Taking a lunch break together on the gravel bar, we’ll have time to learn more about this special area and the fish and wildlife the oxbow supports. The afternoon will be spent paddling downstream, passing nearly 200-acres of protected lands before taking out at Hayden Bridge. McKenzie River Trust will provide a shuttle for drivers from the take out back to Hendricks Bridge.


Volunteers must be over the age of 18, provide their own river appropriate watercraft, life-jacket/PFD, and be confident paddling in Class II rapids.

McKenzie Oxbow is a Trust-owned floodplain property, located on river mile 19 of the McKenzie River. Composed of 20 acres of oxbow slough, gravel bar, and riparian habitat, it is a typical river floodplain feature that is rapidly disappearing in the lower McKenzie watershed. The conservation of McKenzie Oxbow allows for unfettered river movement and natural hydrological processes across the island, and permanently protects the current riparian and wetland conservation values of the property.

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