Jay Nicholas at the tying bench – December 2, 2017


Jay Nicholas & Boomer at the Fly Bench

I hope that you will be able to drop by and join me sometime between 11 AM and 4 PM on Saturday, December 2nd. No, Boomer will not be with me at the Shop, but I’ll be tying trout streamers and steelhead flies on micro tube – with some new twists added to the game.

I’m pleased with the new fly options I’ve developed this autumn and believe that several or all of the patterns I’ll be tying will be of interest to trout and steelhead fly tyers.

As usual, I’m always looking forward to re-connecting with my friends – and this will provide an opportunity while we are discussing the state of affairs with tube flies.

Hope to see you there!

Jay Nicholas, December 2017

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  1. two dogs says:

    Go for it my friend. Have fun!

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