Season Five at Cedar Lodge


This Saturday the family and I travel to the South Island for our fifth season of ownership at Cedar Lodge on the South Island of New Zealand. We are hopeful for a better spring/summer start and finish to the weather. Last year was a bit brutal, memories of sideways rain and blown out rivers are a bit to fresh. Guests and staff are very much looking forward to still sunny days and big fish on dry flies. For some reason everyone is just in a better mood all around when the sun is shining.



The draw to New Zealand remains the same for me. Sight fishing in clear rivers with large rainbow and brown trout willing to take the well presented fly is simply hard to beat. The setting at Cedar Lodge as well as our ability to quickly get remote makes it the ideal location.


If you are thinking about a trip to New Zealand please check out our website at, or send us an email at We do still have a few spots remaining for the 2017-2018 season. Air New Zealand and Fiji Air are currently running some pretty sweet deals on airfare.



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