Local Rivers Get a “Freshen Up”

mckenzie river water level forecast

middle fork of the willamette river level

Recent rains have caused the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers to rise quite a bit. This fresh water surge is sure to push fish into a “fall feeding mode”. Cooler water temps, lower light conditions, and increased insect activity will make fishing as good as it gets in the coming weeks. Generally speaking we get this wonderful fall window until late October.

eugene weather fall 2017

Focus your fishing on the warmest part of the day. Slight water and air temperature increases make a big difference this time of year.

Best patterns to have in your box in the coming weeks are:

Parachute Adams in standard and Purple size #10-14
Blue Winged Olives #16-18
Mahogany Duns #16
Gray Drake #10-12
October Caddis Pupae #8-10
October Caddis Adult #8
Chubby Chernobyl #8


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