Fly Fishing Reality TV: Hi Honey, I’m Home….

Understanding fly fishing requires understanding the unique personalities of our friends, clients, guides, and tackle reps. Have you ever heard the phrase – fly fishing fanatic? We have.

Offered in the spirit of good humor, this cartoon offers a peek into the minds of obsessed fly anglers, men or women as the case may be, and their non-fishing partners. Change the sex of the actors, change a few details, and see if you recognize any of the people in this video.

Welcome to 2012. May your tides build and your tackle stay off Craigslist.


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2 Responses to Fly Fishing Reality TV: Hi Honey, I’m Home….

  1. CTMonty says:

    If you put some braids on that guy, he could pass for Barrett.

  2. steve says:

    You folks rock… You have helped me in so many ways… (Kept me from getting married!)

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