Big changes to wading spots after high water

In the summer, once the water levels drop down, I do most of my trout fishing on foot. Last weekend, I made my first trip to one of my summer wading spots — the mouth of Salmon Creek on the Middle Fork Willamette. I wouldn’t normally give a spot like this away online, but it’s been wiped out. The mouth of Salmon Creek has shifted downstream about a quarter mile. The slow, rocky current near the north bank leading down to Salmon Creek now speeds along the high gravel bar that’s formed up where the mouth used to be. And the entire section of Salmon Creek all the way up above the 58 bridge is different. Photo below — the new mouth of Salmon Creek:


It was never an easy spot to get to. You had to either walk down along a brushy bank with big slippery rocks in knee deep water on the Middle Fork. Or bushwhack into the creek, and take it downstream. But I had some great fishing nights there, with big stoneflies and caddis on top, large wild trout in the middle of the current taking dries.

But if the river takes some spots away, it also forms new ones. For the past few years I’ve watched this side channel grow and it’s now forming a deep pool below a large stump where some decent sized trout live.


In general, fishing was OK. I’m sure it would have been hot in the evening, but I had to make a morning of it. The river continues to drop, but keep an eye on it. Lots of large caddis on the water, so a possie bugger and a big yellow-ish dry fly would be hard to beat.


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3 Responses to Big changes to wading spots after high water

  1. David Swart says:

    Yes I know what you mean the local waters have changed to & some would say for the worst,me I look at it as a natural act,if only we could change as easily,found some neww holding water,& some new spots I can’t wait to try when the water goes down.

  2. Doug Welsh says:

    Monday morning… I packed up my gear and headed to Salmon Creek. A very nice river for trout. I did some scouting to find a great location to fish. Hiking the creek was interesting due to some of the creatures you run across. Suggesting the human type. I followed the mouth as suggested in your blog but drove all the way up river finding spots that look productive, however; couldn’t wade in the falls… I guess the best location would be below the falls to the mouth of the creek. This creek appears to be a roaring flood during runoff. Any input would greatly be appreciated.

  3. Ed Beitz says:

    try putting just enough weight to get your fly to roll on the bottom. As trout seem to lay deep on heavy water run. more food is churned up and feeding is better on the bottom.

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