How to set up a thingamabobber right angle nymphing system

You could just throw a loop over your thingamabobber on a tapered leader, but you’d be missing the point of the greatest strike indicator ever invented. The more effective strategy is rigging it for a right angle nymphing system. Find out how to do this in the following video.

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4 Responses to How to set up a thingamabobber right angle nymphing system

  1. Brian says:

    This is awesome– I’m loving these tutorial videos. This one reminds me of a hinged leader system I saw recently.

    My only hesitancy with the setup in this video is that I’m constantly changing the depth of my rig (i.e. sliding the thingamabobber around) to fish different depths of water. I’m talking serious changes where I go from a 20″ deep riffle to a pool where I need to get down 6 feet or more…

    Regardless, I’ll probably try this soon


  2. b-christ says:

    6.5 feet seems to be the magic #. You can still fish shallow and the fish will rise up in order to engulf your fly!

  3. Stevie says:

    Great vid…but do you adjust your depth?


    Thnx, Stevie

  4. donzu says:

    Seriously? I guess this works if you fish in the same spot all day. I prefer to adjust my depth with out retying…if I want to get deeper quicker I add more weight…and I put the weight higher then 6 ” above the top fly (12 – 18″) .

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