Intro to fly fishing class gets a taste of Oregon fishing weather

These pictures were taken at Alton Baker Park during the casting section of the Caddis Fly Shop’s Introduction to Fly Fishing Class. Last weekend’s class braved the elements at to learn from instructor Steve Baker. Steve has been the shop’s instructor for about the last 15 years, his day job is public relations with King Estate Winery.

Fly Fishing Classes

Fly fishing class

Fly fishing class

Steve covered the roll cast, pick up and lay down, and false casting with demonstrations. Steve also spoke about insect hatches. The class then followed with casting practice on the ponds at the park. All equipment is furnished by the Caddis Shop for the class. Prior to casting sessions, the class met on Friday night at the Caddis Fly Shop for instruction of knots, fly fishing equipment, insects, and fly line designs.

The Caddis Shop’s Introduction To Fly Fishing Class is a bargain at $55 (equipment included)for classroom work and casting practice on water. Check out our upcoming classes and sign up now.

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3 Responses to Intro to fly fishing class gets a taste of Oregon fishing weather

  1. force, maggie says:

    My son, lives in Eugene. Or. He wants to learn fly fishing. I thought a lesson would be in order. It would make a great Christmas gift. The Mag Pie
    How do I go about setting this up.

  2. M.Ashmore says:

    I am interested in taking a fly fishing class, I live in Eugene.
    The link was invalid.


  3. m.ashmore says:

    Looking for a fly fishing class anyone??

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