New Product Review by Jay Nicholas -Stonfo Spillo Curvo Elite

Stonfo Spillo Curvo Elite 2
This most likely is a tool that has been around for some time and I’m just now discovering how useful it is on my fly tying bench.

At first I didn’t even know what the heck it was, but this finely crafted tool has very quickly earned a place in my tool rack and in my hand.

This is a curved dubbing picker.

The formal classification is here -Stonfo Spillo Curvo Elite.

Stonfo Spillo Curvo Elite 1

Although you might wonder what the big deal is and why not use a straight bodkin to tease dubbing, or a brush, and I have used both myself and used both to modest satisfaction – but there is something substantially more satisfying in this curved bodkin, a finer motor control, and less frequent risk of cutting core thread with either a straight bodkin or a wire brush.

Stonfo Spillo Curvo Elite 3

Im sure that personal preference plays a big part on whether an individual prefers one tool over another, but this curved bodkin has already earned a regular place on my fly tying tool bench.

Jay Nicholas Early 2018

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One Response to New Product Review by Jay Nicholas -Stonfo Spillo Curvo Elite

  1. Jim Terborg says:

    Thanks Jay. One question: where do I get curved dubbing for use with the curved dubbing picker. Most of my dubbing is straight

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