March Brown Weather all Week – April 2019


We had a nice day out on the McKenzie/Willamette from Armitage to Christensen Landing yesterday. The Grannom Caddis hatch was in full swing. Although not as heavy as it can be, the warmth of the day saw swarming caddis on the surface in some areas. The native cutthroats took advantage and the dry fly fishing was good. March Browns did hatch around 1:30, but the wind and bright sun didn’t help them stay on the water long enough to get the fish overly excited.


This week looks to be perfect to slow the Grannom emergence and aid in the March Brown availability to the fish. The McKenzie is in fine shape and the overnight temps have warmed enough to really improve spring trout fishing.


Our best flies were:

Parachute Purple Rooster
Pheasant tail Soft Hackle
CDC Caddis

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