Deschutes Report: May 7-11, 2018




Hauled one of the Technical Men’s Conference (old dogs who have fished together for decades) from Trout Creek to Nena last week. It had been a few years, I believe his last attendance was before the tower at Pelton, his first words while pushing off for the week, “hey, the water is murky!” Aware of the controversy of “the tower” he was very surprised at the impact of water clarity.

Overall the salmon fly hatch was very apparent and well underway. Each day as we dropped lower down river the bugs were very present in the bushes. Oddly, Golden Stones were plentiful. Didn’t take a pic of the Californicas but they were in the bushes as well.Overall, fishing was a solid “good”. The reason not rated “very good”? The fish were not really keying on surface activity consistently. Yes, we were intentionally early to avoid the angling stampede of the infamous “aluminum hatch”.

Nymphing was the most productive during the first few days. After that a Clark Stone with a small 20 incher or anything like it was productive.

D 3 Bug

D 2 Redside

Overall, the Lower Deschutes is a special place with a unique experience. However, there is no question, there is a change in water clarity, water temperature, moss growth, and insect life. I urge fellow anglers to support he Deschutes River Alliance and its efforts. If you can’t give up some cash, keep informed to the impact of change on the river.

Aside from the controversy, at least, get outside and enjoy the Deschutes and the rest of Oregon! Look soon for a report on the Cascade Lakes….its time for those CRANEBOWS!

D 1 Sheep


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