Jigged Prone Sculpin: Streamer Fly Tying Tutorial

In this video, Simon ties a proven jigged Sculpin pattern which effectively mimics the unique profile of a sculpin. Sculpins bodies are larger and wider at the head and taper towards the tail. Their pectoral fins generally are pushed out to the sides making them look even wider towards the front of their body. Many sculpin patterns, especially rabbit ones, look great before they are dry, but quickly lose their profile when wet. This pattern uses resin on the bottom of the fly to splay fibers out so that when the fly is wet, it remains wide towards the head like a real sculpin. Size and profile are crucial when fishing any fly, and especially when fishing a streamer for larger, more wise, trout. This fly has great swimming action while maintaining the correct profile. Sizes and colors can be swapped depending on your fishery. Locally, the gold variant color always produces. Whip a few up and let us know how they work for you.

Note the sculpin-like profile that remains when the fly is wet

Jigged Prone Sculpin

Hook- Ahrex FW551: Size 4

Bead- Hareline Slotted Tungsten Bead FL Orange: 7/32, 5.5mm

Thread- Veevus GSP 150 Denier: Black

Mono- Rio Hard Saltwater Mono 20 LB

Body- Hareline Magnum Rabbit Strip: Gold Variant, Hareline Crosscut Rabbit Strip: Gold Variant, & Solarez Medium

Additional Tools- Umpqua Dream Stream Dubbing Twister, Hareline Jr Feather Prepper, Hareline Touch Dub Wax, & Swiss CDC Multiclamp 

UV Resin- Solarez Bone Dry & Medium

Bobbin- Smhaen Tension Bobbin

Vise- Renzetti Traveler 2304

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