Craft Fur Spawning Shrimp Surf Perch Fly Tutorial

In this instructional video, Simon demonstrates how to tie an effective shrimp fly he uses in the surf off of the Oregon Coast. The fly was originally designed for use targeting surf perch, but could also work for rockfish off of the jetties or other marine species that eat shrimp. Fish on our coast whose diet is largely made up of crustaceans, key in on orange colors or other colors indicating a gravid female shrimp or mole crab full of eggs. Specifically, here on the Oregon coast, Orange is a very productive color for targeting surf perch. Colors and materials can be substituted depending on the fishery. This fly would also work great for trigger fish if a larger hook is substituted.

Spawning Craft Fur Shrimp

Hook- Gamakatsu SL11-3H: Size 8

Weight- Hareline Medium Bead Chain Eye: Fluorescent Orange & Hareline Heavy Lead Eyes Small

Eyes- EP Small Crap/Shrimp Eyes: Black

Rostrum- Hareline Calf Tail: Fluorescent Orange, Hareline Northern Bucktail: Any Color, & Hareline Craft Fur: Tan

Rubber Legs/Flash- Hareline Krystal Flash: FL Orange & Hareline Shrimpy Crabby Legs: Tan

Body Dubbing/ Egg Spot- Hareline Ice Dub: UV Hot Orange & Hareline Calf Tail: Fluorescent Orange

Legs- Veevus Large Body Fuzz: UV Tan

Shell/Back- Hareline Craft Fur: Tan

UV Resin- Solarez Bone Dry

Vise- Renzetti Traveler 2304

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