Driftless Cricket Fly Tying Video Instructional

In this video, Simon Stephen demonstrates how to tie a fantastic hi-vis cricket pattern. Tested this summer on the spring creeks of the Midwest’s Driftless area, it was his most productive fly he brought along. Locally, this fly has brought large fish up when they are keying in on terrestrials. This fly would be phenomenal on the South Island of New Zealand, and anywhere else with brushy banks and a significant terrestrial season. This fly is durable, hi-vis, and high floating. Try tying it with different colors like tan or light green for an all around deadly terrestrial pattern that best matches your local insects.

Driftless Cricket

Hook- Ahrex FW531: Size 12

Thread- Semperfli Black Nanosilk: 50D

Tails- Hareline Goose Biot: Black

Abdomen- Hareline Evazote Foam: Black, Hareline Micro Fine Dry Dub: Trico Black

Legs- Hareline Fine Round Rubber Leg: Black

Hackle- Keough Saddle Pack: Black

Wing- MFC Widow’s Web: White

Hot Spot- EP Trigger Point Fiber: UV Pink

UV Resin- Solarez Bone Dry

Adhesives- Zap-A-Gap

Vise- Renzetti Traveler 2304

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