Mottled Goddard Caddis Fly Tying Instructional Video

The Goddard Caddis is a classic adult caddis pattern. This fly pattern is high floating and versatile in terms of the variety of caddis species it can imitate. In this video, Simon demonstrates how to tie the Goddard Caddis with a mixed color scheme for a new take on a timeless classic. He also demonstrates how to spin and pack deer or elk hair. Both are important techniques to have in your tying arsenal which are used on countless patterns.

Hook- Ahrex FW530: Size 14

Thread- Semperfli Olive Nanosilk: 50D

Body- Hareline Dyed Deer Body Hair: Black, Olive, Rusty Brown, & Gray

Hackle- Keough Saddle Value Pack: Brown & Hareline Micro Fine Dry Dubbing: Baetis Tan

Additional Tools- Dr Slick Bodkin With Half Hitch Tool (Packer) & Wilkinson Razor Blade

UV Resin- Solarez Bone Dry

Vise- Renzetti Traveler 2304

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