Local Waters Swell with Run-Off

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Anglers have limited options for clear water in the Willamette Valley at present. It seems that low level snow and the past 3 months of rain are draining out into the rivers and tributaries, causing water levels to rise in a big way. Anglers will want to focus on the Middle Fork of the Willamette as it leaves Hills Creek Dam and before the North Forth of the Middle Fork enters. March Brown hatches have been consistent between 12:30 and 2pm. Nymphing with rubber legged stoneflies with smaller nymphs like Hogan’s Clinger, Weiss Possum Anchor, and Croston’s Full Metal Jacket.

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As temperatures warm anglers will see more caddis and stonefly adults so it’s a good idea to have some Brown Elk Hair Caddis, Golden Stone Adults, and even a few Green Caddis.

Keep an eye on water levels at http://levels.wkcc.org/?P=Oregon.html.

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A general forecast can be viewed here: https://www.nwrfc.noaa.gov/rfc/.

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