Hareline Foamanizer Fly Tying Modules – Video Overview

In this video Simon gives an overview of the new Hareline Foamanizer fly tying bench organizer system. The Foamanizer is completely modular. It’s great way to keep your fly tying tools and supplies close at hand and ready to go. Stop searching through bags and boxes for beads, hooks, threads, lead and more; get the new Foamanizer system here.

16″ Foamanizer – FMZ1

Magnum Foamanizer 18.5″ – FMZ2
Bead/Hook Foamanizer Module – FMZ3
Thread Spool Foamanizer -FMZ4
Cement/Glue Foamanizer FMZ5
Straight Foamanizer Junction 2 Pack FMZ6
Angled Foamanizer Junction Pieces – FMZ7
Foamanizer Riser Adapter Module – FMZ8
Spacers for Foamanizer Modules – FMZ9
1.4″ Acrylic Rods – FMZ10
2.4″ Acrylic Rods for Foamanizer – FMZ11
9″ Acrylic Rods for Foamanizer – FMZ12
Fly Hammock for Foamanizer – FMZ13
Large Tube Foamanizer FMZ14
Foamanizer Extender FMZ15
Foamanizer Umbrella – FMZ16

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