Egg Laying Grannom Caddis Fly Tying Video

Simon demonstrates how to to a cool Grannom Caddis pattern complete with egg sack and realistic wing profile. The spring Grannom caddis emergence can be frustrating, make sure to have a few of these on hand when you see fish looking up during the hatch.

Egg Laying Grannom Caddis

Hook- Kona BC3: Size 14

Thread- Semperfli Nano Silk 12/0, Olive & Danville’s 70 Denier: Fl Green

Egg- Danville’s 70 Denier Fl Green & Solarez Bone Dry 

Abdomen- Hareline Micro Fine Dry Fly Dub: Baetis Tan, Hareline Hare’s Ear Plus: Dark Hare’s Ear, & Danville’s .006 Monofilament

Wing- Hareline Mule Deer Hair

Thorax- Hareline Micro Fine Dry Fly Dub: Baetis Tan & Whiting “100” Saddle: Grizzly Brown

UV Resin- Solarez Bone Dry

Tools: DR Slick Hair Stacker

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