Middle Fork of the Willamette Fishing Report November 2022


Simon Stephen brings us this report. Simon was hired at The Caddis Fly this summer and gets out on foot a few times a week. You will find him at the shop Friday and Saturdays.

Flows above Hills Creek are high but not blown out. Most of the fish were caught on small jigged nymphs. I did particularly good on the Jigged Sassi solution. Small Perdigons made it easy to get deep fast and I also found running a larger stonefly nymph as my trailer nymph to be productive. I had some fish rise to an October caddis pattern, and landed a decent resident cutthroat on one. A medium sized Stimulator is a good bet as an all around dry right now.  I also got fish on a 16 Purple Haze trailed off The back of an October caddis. A BWO Parachute or emerger is a good call this time of year as well.


I fished the Middle Fork below Hills Creek and Salmon creek briefly. There were signs on the bank that the river was blown out in previous days. The water is high, but no longer blown out. Fish were holding in softer water, deep pools, and up against the banks. Streamer fishing was productive with the high water; I was using the cone head Thin Mint and did well stripping it through the soft water where I could find it. 
I saw very few bugs hatching. Some lingering October caddis were out, and there was a very sparse. A BWO hatch starting around 1:30-2pm. The colder weather seems to be slowing down the fall hatches. 



Haven’t fished the McKenzie in the last week or so , but I’m sure it’s fishing similar to the Middle Fork of the Willamette.

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